MEMS Micro-Mirror Module
MEMS Micro-Mirror Module

Developed by GST, ASENSING's subsidiary based in Suzhou, East China, this MEMS Micro-Mirror module, featuring 8x8 mm in size, helps LiDARs reach farther in detecting range. The module is ready for mass production. Featuring lower energy cost and longer life cycle, the module works well between -40 and 130 ℃. It is stable and reliable by already satisfying the AEC-Q100 standard. The module is an ideal choice for LiDAR makers, industries in which 3D scanning is used (like industrial robotics), and institutes and colleges that does related research.

  • Large Mirror

  • Electromagnetic Drive

  • Two-Axis Feedback Signal

  • Quasi-Static + Resonant Scanning

  • High Performance

  • Auto-Grade

MEMS Micro-Mirror Module
  • Specifications
    Three-Axis Sweep Vibration Resistance

    >15G (20~2000Hz)

    Storage Temperature

    -40°C ~ +140°C

    Optical Scanning Angle (VxH)

    ±15° x ±15°

    Dual Drive Voltage/Power Consumption

    35V/1W @ 25°C

    Operating Temperature

    -40°C ~ +130°C

    Shock Resistance


    Fast Axis Scanning

    760Hz (±25Hz)

    Slow Axis Scanning

    1-100Hz / Supports Quasi-Static Scanning

    Module Dimensions (L*W*H)


    Reflectance of Gold-coated Mirror

    >98% (905nm)

    Mirror Size